One of the many awesome features of Shopify is their integration with many different social media platforms and other online sales sites. They also have built in-functionality to be a stand alone POS for businesses that do trade shows and pop up shops.
Here are the different ways you can sell through multiple online sales channels with your Shopify website…
Online Store
This is your own Shopify website, your own e-Commerce store. Drive traffic to your store where people can browse and shop through your many categories and sizes. Shopify integrates with many POS systems so you can snap a couple photos of an item, write a description and then with the click of a button your item is added to both your POS and your Shopify website at the same time.
Facebook and Facebook Messenger
You can fully integrate your Shopify website store with your FB Business page so that all items on your store show up for sale on your FB page. ON the left hand menu column of your FB page you can add “Shop” or “Store” to your menu and when customers click on it all your products come up. Customers can shop your entire store on Facebook and click on items to buy which get loaded into their Shopping cart on your Shopify website where they check out.
You can also create a personal shopping experience with Facebook Messenger to let customers buy products directly in a chat and track their orders in realtime.
Pinterest Buyable Pins
Option 1 —> Snap photos of entire outfits, your jewelry counter or a vignette of future. Post on Pinterest and you can tag all the items in the photo to your Shopify store.
Option 2 —> Customers can pin items from your website to their Pinterest boards where they automatically become Buyable Pins. When a customer decides to purchase this item they can pay with a CC or Apple Pay through your Shopify account, without leaving the Pinterest App.
Instagram Tagged Posts
This is the same as Option 1 under Pinterest. Take a photo of an outfit, a vignette or just a single item and post it to your IG Business Account. When posting or even after you’ve posted IG prompts you to tag people or products. Select products and it automatically pulls up a search button that is linked to your Shopify website. Type in the title of the item you are tagging and that item or items will now appear with a small dot. When your IG followers search through your IG account, they tap on the tagged products and it pulls up product description and details and they can have the option to buy it which takes them to your checkout page on your Shopify website.
Set up an Amazon merchant account and Shopify lets you sell items in the Amazon marketplace by synching your website products directly to Amazon. (Note there may be some restrictions for consigned or used items and proof of authenticity may be required for some designer labels.)
Similar to Amazon synching and selling, set up an eBay account and automatically synch your items from your Shopify to eBay. As eBay is already a known platform for selling used item there may be less requirements or restrictions for used and consignment items, however you may need to adhere to new stricter rules of authenticity of designer labels.
Pop Up Shops and Tradeshows
Shopify offers a POS system for retailers and resale stores to be able to sell items at a pop-up shop. However if you already have a POS system and the items you are taking to the pop-up shop are already in your POS system, then you’re all set to go anywhere and sell anywhere with your Shopify website as you can check people out anywhere you can get internet access.
Buy Button
Shopify has the incredibly cool feature that enables you to embed your product cart and checkout system so you can sell your items on other websites outside of your own Shopify website.

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