Brands have been waging war against counterfeiters for years, and it’s often more convenient for them to target the big players like Meta, IG, and Shopify with lawsuits. Being in the resale business, you are in a unique position, squeezed between official brand stores and the ever-persistent counterfeit industry.

The algorithms and bots? They’re a bit baffled by your existence. Even the brands themselves aren’t entirely sure how to deal with you. It’s like wading through murky waters of legitimacy and counterfeits. So, what’s the key to elevating your Shopify Website and safeguarding your authenticity?

The answer lies in humanizing your business, being transparent about your legitimacy, and following some essential tips. These steps aren’t exclusive to luxury items – they apply to all brands, whether it’s clothing, furniture, equestrian gear, or sporting goods.

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