Did you know you have a virtual storefront that’s even more important than your actual storefront?

It’s also known as your online presence or online footprint, but I like to call it your virtual storefront because before people visit your store or make a purchase on your website they are checking you out online… looking at your virtual storefront.

There are hundreds of online directories that have all the of information about your business including reviews and photos of your store. The only problem is that most of these directories have missing or wrong information.

Google actually gives you a Google grade based on your online presence and how much of your information is true and accurate online. I call this is your virtual doorway because most people will search for you online before they decide to come to your website or your brick-and-mortar store.

When you have made sure that all of your information online is true and correct you will show up in the organic searches more often and higher up in the search. Most national brands don’t even have their information correct so getting yours correct as a small business can give you a competitive advantage.

The way to correct your information is by using the software called YEXT. YEXT keeps all of your information totally accurate and pushes it out to all of the hundreds of directories including the largest directory called Google.

At Monkeys In Hats, we’re re-sellers of YEXT software and we have put together an incredible package of extra bells and whistles so you get more out of YEXT software for less money.

Fill out the inquiry form here or, schedule a quick meeting with Colleen here and learn more about YEXT and how it is a game changer for your website business and your brick-and-mortar store.

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