Reviews are extremely important to your online and brick-and-mortar store business. 98% of people will read reviews to decide if they want to visit your website or drive to your store.

Over 80% of consumers read your responses to reviews to check out what kind of business owner you are. Are you friendly, kind, fun, funny? Do you take the time to respond to your happy customers and do you genuinely care about trying to help those who had a negative experience?

68% of customers have said they will be happy to leave a review when asked. Do you ask your customers for a review after they do business with you? Do you have a Reviews Handout that goes in every shopping bag or gets stapled to every receipt? Do you have a Reviews Handout that goes in every shipping package? Do you list out the steps for your customers on where to go and how to leave a review? Do you have a QR code that takes customers directly to your Google Reviews?

Reviews help your organic SEO as well as boost staff morale when they are mentioned in a review.

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