Protecting your IG account is a bit like putting a Ring sign up in your front yard. It doesn’t guarantee the Bullies won’t steal your Amazon packages, but it helps deter them.

The IG Algorithms seem to pick on Luxury IG accounts and like that ring sign in your front yard, there are a few things you can do to help deter the Algorithms from picking on you.

First, stop using the words “Authentic” or “Authenticate” in your captions or descriptions and go through your old feed to archive posts that have these words mentioned anywhere in the content. Instead, in your bio, list the 3rd Party Authentication Software or Company or Expert that you use to Authenticate your luxury items.

Second, don’t tag or mention any designer brands, and don’t include them in your descriptions either. People can see from the photo what the brand is. You can list the style or model and price but that’s all.

Third, disconnect your Shopify account. Transact business via DM – use the app called ManyChat to assist and encourage conversations and engagement with your Shoppers via DM.

Fourth… add a faded version of your logo in the background of all IG graphics and be sure your IG graphics are created with backgrounds – not just an item on a plain white background or using the background remover. Make your images look staged and planned not from a website. Be sure to add copyright using the copyright symbol, date, and store name on all images.

Fifth… how about watching all the steps, tap here to check out the entire video with my Guest Deanna Thompson, Founder of Closet Full of Cash and Co-Founder of the Authentication Institute of America.