Let’s break it down. They’re not just points – they’re the magic beans that sprout into repeat purchases, happy customers, and even a treasure trove of juicy data about what your customers really dig. 

Cue drumroll for Smile.io, the heavyweight champ of online loyalty management. With over 25,000 active reward programs and a fan base of 50 million businesses (Polaroid, Topps, Inkbox, SteelSeries, and Pixi, among others), it’s safe to say Smile.io knows how to make your brand shine and your customers smile.  

The best part about Smile.io? You don’t need a Ph.D. in tech to use it. It’s easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface and customizable rewards like catnip for your customers – customizable, fun, and they leave a little buzz. 



With a loyalty program, you can give points for sharing on Facebook or Instagram. So if you’ve struggled to get UGC (User Generated Content) – you can now reward your customers for un-boxings, un-packagings, in-home photos of their purchases tagging you.  

You know those stats in Shopify Analytics? For example: Returning Customer Stat and First Time Shopper Stat.  A loyalty rewards program can encourage those first-time customers to take the plunge and hit the buy button and bring them back when they haven’t purchased in a while. Statistics show that rewards programs also result in a higher dollar among spent per transaction.  

An online Rewards Program is also a good way to compete with your other online competitors, including the largest of your online competitors.    

Make sure your rewards program recognizes their loyalty and keeps them coming back for more. Offering multiple ways to earn and redeem rewards will make your program more enticing, and keep more shoppers actively engaged.  

Rewarding your customers for both sharing their experiences with your products and referring friends to your business is an excellent way to develop a relationship with your key customer base.  



Here are the different ways your customers can earn rewards: 




How does it work? 

Customers will earn a certain number of points (or rewards currency) for every dollar they spend or transaction they complete. 

Why is this effective? 

This type of reward is effective because it encourages members to perform the most valuable action on your site – making a purchase! The amount of points you offer will vary depending on your margins and what your direct competitors are doing. 




How does it work? 

Customers are given different rewards based on the tier they currently are a part of. The most effective way to classify members is with total points earned. The higher the tier, the more prestigious the rewards! 

Why is this effective? 

Tiered rewards allow your best customers to feel privileged and appreciated while still appealing to first-time or persuadable buyers. Whether they’re new to your brand or are veteran shoppers, all of your customers will be given access to prestigious rewards that make a lasting impression. impression. 



How does it work? 

Customers are rewarded for referring new customers, reviewing your products, and/or sharing their experiences on social media. 

Why is this effective? 

When people buy something new, they want to show it off to their friends and anyone else willing to pay attention – especially if it is expensive! Allow your customers to show off their purchase by rewarding them with points for sharing it on social media. Since the average person has 634 social connections this gets a lot of eyes on your brand, increasing your brand awareness. 



How does it work? 

Current members are rewarded for sharing your store with friends and family. When they refer a friend, both your current customers and the person they are referring get a reward, and you are rewarded with more sales. 

Why is this effective? 

Most shoppers who have had a positive experience are willing to refer their friends, however they seldom do because they aren’t given a reason to. Reward points for a referral and you will turn your existing customer base into your most effective marketing tool! Receiving a recommendation from a friend makes it much easier for a new customer to buy a high-ticket item online. 




How does it work? 

The following discounts are great rewards to consider when designing your rewards program: fixed discount (dollars or percentage off), free shipping, and store credit. 

Why is this effective? 

Customers always appreciate being rewarded with dollars off or a promised discount in the future because it reinforces their decision to purchase your products instead of someone else’s. This method of redemption is also very easy to explain and even easier to understand. 




How does it work? 

Instead of offering your customers a straight discount like dollars or a percentage off, you can also offer them a gift card or store credit for the same value. 

Why is this effective? 

Gift cards and store credit allow you to remove the stigma associated with discounts on luxury products. By giving customers the choice of how they spend these rewards at your store, you can keep both perceived and actual value high for shoppers while eliminating any negative risks associated with offering discounts. 



How does it work? 

These rewards offer customers access to exclusive products and services that would be otherwise unavailable to them. Some examples include early access to new products, access to special events (product launches, company functions, etc.), and products that are exclusive to program members. 

Why is this effective? 

These rewards work best within a tiered or customer group-based program. Offering these rewards only to those customers in higher tiers is an excellent way to increase the elitism of your program and inspire increased spending. A great way to leverage this type of reward would be to host an exclusive sale event for your best customers. Inviting them to an event where they’re given the opportunity to purchase products before everyone else will make your loyal customers feel appreciated and boost their perceived social status even higher. 


VIP Program 

Reward & retain those high-spenders and frequent shoppers and your top referrers.  

How it works:  

Create Entry Rewards which are automatically given when the customer enters a new tier. It could be a slightly higher per-point value or it could be things like:

    • Amount Discount
    • Percentage Discount
    • Accelerated points earning  

VIP Customers can:

    • Enter Contests
    • Get early access to online sales
    • Have VIP Sales all their own
    • Private online events
    • Gifts with purchases 
    • Anything else you and your team can think of.



The Basics 

  1. Point Value  
  2. Points Expiration 
  3. Custom Branding – give your points a “name”  
  4. Decide how often customers can earn points 
  5. Integrate with other apps to help your points-earning process be streamlined 


So, craft a killer program strategy that screams value and service. Reward those who spread the word, offer diverse ways to earn, and set up tiers for that extra motivation. And don’t forget to celebrate your community with special events and perks. Oh, and those reviews? They’re like trust-building nuggets of gold! Make your program part of your brand’s DNA. Give it that special touch that keeps your customers coming back for more. 

Cheers to keeping those customers happy and coming back for more! 


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