January is an exciting time of year with the calendar turning over and giving us a fresh start at new goals and opportunities… it kind of rings of the doldrums, with CC bills arriving from all the Holiday generosities, it cold, slushy, the trees are bare, ice storms are inevitable unless of course you live in FL or some other mild-weathered state then January is a lovely month.



But aside from the weather and the CC bills – usually January is a month of winter mark-downs. Aside from starting to sell off your merch at 20 and then 50% off, it’s a GREAT time to sell Valentine’s Day clothing, jewelry, and home decor.

Usually, the time most store owners begin to think about Valentine’s Day is at the very end of January or…February 1st.

I am recommending you think about Valentine’s Day Now – place your orders for all things red, pink, and everything that says LOVE on it and get it in your store so that by the end of the first week of January you can start merchandising your stores and selling Valentine’s Day jewelry, tops, handbags and gift items in your LIVE selling shows.



Keep your Happy New Year FBCVs up until about January 10th or so and then switch them out to something that is more Valentine’s Day-related.

Sony Nix starts selling Valentine’s Day jewelry that she pre-orders about now… in her live selling shows in early January and sells a ton. She continued to sell Valentine’s Day items throughout January which really had wonderful revenues to her bottom line. And they’re full-price revenues to counter the discounted sales of the winter items.

Dedicated at least one product email each week to Valentine’s Day merch. Merchandise your store to reds & pinks and set up Valentine’s Day-themed rack of everything red and pink, and white that has hearts or anything that remotely looks like Valentine’s Day.



The first week of January send an email out and promote on SM that you’re now welcoming all Valentine’s Day home decor, gifts, clothing, & accessories.  

January is also a gratitude month. Article Consignment gives away a gift with every purchase during the entire month of January. This is the perfect lead into Valentine’s Day and it’s a great way to show a little extra love to your customers and create a few more sales with the lure of a gift with purchase.  

Short show today, but a meaningful and game-changing one. It’s probably something you have never thought of before or maybe you thought of it but didn’t know if it would work or you never dedicated any time to it.  

Take a page out of the Black Friday Playbook – look at how many big box stores promote Black Friday waaaaay in advance. There’s a reason they do that.  

Really good marketing is about being intentional and proactive. With a little bit of planning, you can have one of your best January’s ever by marrying up your Winter Sales with Valentine’s Day merchandise.  


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