If the Gods of Marketing shouted down from the heavens right now, “There is no more marketing, the marketing dept. is closed,” what would happen to your business if you had to 100% depend upon your existing customers to spread the word?

Would your business grow? Would it stay the same? Would it decline?

Many people think Word of Mouth Marketing is dead but in reality, billions of dollars of products and services are sold every day worldwide, due to Word of Mouth.

People spread stuff faster than ever and if they’re not spreading your stuff, fix your stuff! What would make your customer service and your customer experience even greater than it already is? What would take it into Raving Fan status?

And we’re talking about Online Word of Mouth Marketing as well as In-store Word of Mouth Marketing.

I did an entire training dedicated to Word of Mouth Marketing with some incredibly thought-provoking exercises that will have you thinking about your business in ways that you haven’t considered looking at it before.

Prefer to read? You can read all about it in our Resource Library.

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