“Why do the IG algorithms hate me?”

They don’t hate you, they’re just probably not as crazy about your content as you are. How do you get them to fall in love with you?

First, check out the “For You” content to see what IG thinks YOU want to see. Look for the highest engagement content and replicate it in your own words, in your own brand. Second, check out what the actual engagement is in the “For You” content and set your own engagement expectations accordingly. If you’re putting out content that’s similar to what you see on “For You” and the content is only getting a max of 1000 followers engaging with it, then don’t expect your similar content to get 5,000 followers engaging with it.

Want 5,000 followers to engage with your content? Look for similar content in your niche that is getting that kind of engagement and replicate it. You might not find this on your “For You” content.

Third, be your authentic self as much as possible. The algorithms are looking for passion and truth. Do you have something motivational to share? What do you love about your business? What are you passionate about? Do you have comedic qualities? Can you make people laugh? Do you and then add in the trending music and backgrounds.

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