We currently live in a short-form video-dominated world.  From Instagram Reels to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Watch, Pinterest, and Spotify, short-form video is taking over. 

Short-form videos are videos that last between 30-60 seconds.  

And thank God for short-form videos because it saves a lot of time and effort. You don’t need high-level camera skills, perfect lighting, or fancy editing equipment! You just show your true self to the camera and invite viewers to relate. 



Even with the relaxed, authentic style of short-form video, deciding which ideas to focus on when creating video content can feel overwhelming.

Here’s the one thing to keep in mind: every short-form video you post should have a purpose in your marketing strategy.

I’ve grouped short-form videos into 11 purpose-full groups or genres of videos. All you have to do is come up with 10 ideas of your own for your business under each of the 11 genre types/ groups and you have a line-up of 110 videos for your business.

Keep referring to these 11 genres of short-form videos to continue building your video content for years to come.


Useful & Valuable

Teach what you know that is useful.

  • How to shop resale.
  • How to do a closet clean-out.
  • How to inspect clothes before consigning.
  • 3 ways to style a sofa with different pillows & throws.
  • How to arrange items on a bookshelf.

This kind of information has the power of multiple views. These are videos that viewers might save or share and watch multiple times to get all the details. You take your entire Consignment process and break it down into mini videos and include tips and tricks along with each step of the consignment process.



Give advice to your followers.

  • Give advice on shopping, the best days and times to shop. Give advice on consigning.
  • Advise customers on caring for a leather sofa or leather jacket so they can consign it later.
  • Advise customers not to cut tags off clothing and what hangers best prevent hanger marks and holes.
  • Advise your viewers on owning a business or going after a dream. You’re an entrepreneur and many people look up to you. Share your insights and encourage others to follow their dreams.


News & Trends

Shed light on industry news and trends.

  • What are the top brands and styles that are in right now?
  • What are the top luxury handbags people are searching for?
  • What are the furniture trends?
  • What are the top Google searches for relative items you carry?


Pain Points

Speak to your customers’ pain points.

  • Are your customers short on time? Do a video on time-saving tips for cleaning your house or laundering clothes or picking out your outfits the night before.
  • Time-saving tips on shopping with you.
  • Are your customers looking for ways to make their money go further? As you know, not all thrifters and resale shoppers are low on income, most are high on finding the best deals. Find some of those amazing deals in your store right now and share them on video.
  • Share how fast and easy it is to consign with you or sell to you.
  • Enlighten viewers on what a sell-thru rate is and share what your sell-thru rate is and how you work towards optimizing that with selling videos, ads, in-store staff, online website sales, and everything else you do to maximize the sale of their items.
  • If you’re a BOR or a Thrift Store or an online-only seller emphasize timesaving selling tips and time-saving shopping tips.
  • Do a video just showcasing the New Arrivals category on your website. There is no faster way to see all the daily new arrivals than scrolling through the New Arrivals Category once or twice a day. This will also do wonders for your SEO – driving more traffic to your website and getting customers to scroll, scroll, scroll.

Make a list of as many of your customer’s pain points as you can think of and create videos that answer them.


Gains & Benefits

Show what customers can gain by working with you. 

  • By saving time shopping – customers can have more time with their families.
  • Spotlight reviews of customers who found amazing buys at your store and are super happy finding what they wanted at a fraction of the retail price.
  • Share how consignors or suppliers can literally fund the next season’s wardrobe by cleaning out their closets every season. This is especially beneficial for families with growing children who need new clothes and shoes multiple times per year.
  • Share the feel-good factor of the charities you donate to. Emphasize your gratitude to your customers for the role they play in supporting these charities.
  • Spotlight the Charities that benefit on the Consignment side of things, and how some Consignors roll their Consignments over to these charitable foundations.

Be sure to use images, when possible, not just talking points. You can pop up pictures in an overlay format of happy customers on vacation or charities that you work with.



Beginnings, Basics & Foundational Topics 

Foundational Topics are how you began your business, your personal backstory, and your resume of life.  

  • Talk about the challenges you’ve overcome in your business.  
  • Talk about your greatest achievements.  
  • Talk about how you came up with your big idea or pivoted your business.  
  • Tell the stories of where you came from and how you got to where you are today.  
  • Tell stories about the highs, the lows, the good, the bad.  
  • Talk about the very basics of consigning or shopping or selling to you.  How to make that very first consignment or that very first sale to you.  
  • Tell stories of the first time you stepped foot in a consignment store or stories of customers who first discovered shopping resale.  


Get Personal 

You’ve covered your beginnings, and your past, this is where you talk about your present-day life.  

  • What are your hobbies?  
  • How do you spend your weekends?  
  • What are your favorite movies, books, snacks, and family outings?  
  • You’re a busy entrepreneur with a family to feed, what’s your favorite meal delivery company or your favorite go-to meal?  
  • How do you start your days?  
  • How do you end your days?  
  • Do you keep a gratitude journal?  


Professional Topics  

Let’s get to your core values and what makes you tick.   

  • What are your values?  
  • How do you do things differently from other people?  
  • What makes you and your team different from other stores and their teams?  
  • Who has influenced you in your life and why?  
  • What book changed your life and why do you think everyone should read it?  
  • Share your Apple or Spotify playlist of motivational songs, uplifting music, or your best walking, running, or biking hits.  
  • What are your favorite motivational sayings?  
  • Have you ever written quotes in your mirror and looked at them every day?  
  • Do you have a vision board?  


Light-hearted & Silly  

This is for your silly side. Everyone loves a good story, and everyone has more than one.  

  • Share fun stories, everyday details, and business mix-ups that are funny to look back on.  
  • Share your own stories from the viewpoint of your pet.  
  • Share stories from the viewpoint of a friend, staff member, or customer.  
  • Finish this phrase, “the funniest thing happened, and I just had to share it with you…”  
  • Finish this phrase, “You won’t believe what we found in the pocket of a sweatshirt…” or, “You won’t believe what we found in the drawer of a desk or under a sofa cushion that was consigned…”  


Hard Sell  

Hard Selling to your customers.   

  • Consider this your 60-second LIVE videos about your business or hard-selling items from your store.  This is you literally selling one or more items for 60 seconds.  
  • Show multiple items in 60 seconds. These can be luxury pieces or groupings of pieces.  
  • Show 1 sofa and 5 other items that could be sold with it.  
  • Show 1 chair and 5 other items that could be sold with it. Include prices and how to buy the items.  
  • Show 1 pair of jeans and 5 tops, sweaters, scarves, mittens, jackets, and jewelry that could be sold with it. Include prices and sizes and how to buy the items.   
  • Highlight an upcoming or current sale or promotion and really hard sell your customers on shopping for this sale or promotion.   
  • Sell Gift Cards.  



Soft Sell  

Soft Sell to your customers.   

  • This is kind of like bulk selling. And suggestion selling. Not quite as hardcore as the hard-selling videos.  
  • Talk about entire categories in your store.  
  • Talk about whole home transformations and redecorating savings.  
  • Do a video on closet makeovers and savings as a result of shopping with you.  
  • Do a series on Resale vs Retail.  
  • With the Gift Giving Season here showcase all your NWT items or your new from-market items. Let people know that you have items with tags never worn, never sat on and they should shop for resale before retail this holiday season.  



Authenticity is essential if you want to reach a social media audience in 2023. That said, though you don’t have to share every aspect of yourself on social media to seem authentic.

If you don’t want to talk about your personal life or share your light-hearted side, you don’t have to. If you just want to make fun videos without talking about your business plan, you can do that.

Remember, you’re showing up as your true self. You can choose which types of content are right for you.

You have 11 topic types, if you can come up with 10 topics for each one you will have 110 videos. So, lights, camera, action, you’re ready to film!!

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