The worst lies we tell are the lies we tell ourselves.

Ever had a morning like this:

You went to bed with the idea that you’re going to get up early and be super productive. You were going to get up early, work out do yoga, and plan your marketing. You were going to become that incredible human you know you can be.

Then you wake up. It’s dark outside, the dog is still asleep, and you don’t want to wake him. You’re so cozy… just 5 more minutes.

5 minutes pass and then another 5 and by the time your feet hit the floor you’re chasing the day. Your phone is buzzing with a staff that is calling in sick. The dog is begging to be walked and you have 91 emails that magically arrived in your inbox overnight.

What about a morning like this:

Your eyes pop open, and you look at your phone and think “Really? It’s only 4:30 a.m.” & you’re wide awake. Your alarm isn’t due to go off for another hour. You’re inspired to get an early start on the day. You hop out of bed, take the dog for a mini walk around the block, come home, and do 20 mins on your Peloton bike AND 20 mins of yoga. You have time to write in your gratitude journal which is something you’ve been wanting to do or jot down more notes for the book you’re writing… or.. insert any number of things you’ve been wanting to do that you actually do in this productive morning time.



What’s the deal? How can we effortlessly get ourselves to do what we want sometimes but not all the time?

To find the answer, we look inside our own minds.



I need to start working out again but I’m just so busy with work and the kids.

Uh… my finances are a mess, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get ahead, I am so close to that $1 million but I just can’t get there. I’m just not a numbers person.

This website – I’ve had this for so long and it’s just not working for me. I don’t have the time to photograph items and I don’t have the money to hire anyone to do it and my current staff is so busy.

IG Reels? I don’t understand them. I don’t know how to do them. I’m not a techie, and no one on my team wants to do them.

FB LIVEs? Who has time? I really don’t like being in front of a camera and neither does anyone on my team.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth – one of the biggest obstacles that holds us back are those excuses and the little lies we tell ourselves.

If you’re committed to really making things happen you’ve got to stop BS’s yourself. Once you get honest about how truly flimsy your excuses are your business and your entire life will change.

Here are the TWO, FOUR LETTER WORDS that will slaughter your BS Excuses.



I can’t get my photos taken for my website because I don’t have the time.

I can’t get photos taken for my website because I don’t have the money to hire someone.

I can’t get to $1 million in sales no matter how hard I try.

I can’t get my team to do FB LIVEs, no one wants to do them.

I can’t get my team to do Reels and I can’t figure it out myself.

I can’t…. Fill in the blank…..

Here’s the problem.. 99% of the time when we say we can’t do something we’re really saying “We won’t do it.”

Can’t is really a euphemism for won’t and in case you need a reminder of high school English class a euphemism is a mild word or expression that is substituted for another word or expression that is too harsh or unpleasant.

Let’s face it “I can’t … “ sounds a lot better to our psyche than “I won’t..”

Won’t mean we’re not willing, in other words.. You don’t really want to.

You don’t want to do the work. You don’t want to take the risk. You don’t want to be uncomfortable or be inconvenienced.



Now before you get offended and argue this point with “But Colleen… there are exceptions…” which yes there are… humor me for just a minute…

If you consider that this just might be true maybe not all the time but a large portion of the time… then you can cut through a lot of the BS that’s really holding you back.

For example – look at the list of excuses we’ve been using so far and substitute “I can’t” with “I won’t” If you wrote out some personal excuses prior to the show this morning, go through your own list or reasons why you’re not getting something done and substitute “I can’t” with “I won’t.

I won’t get up and work out every day.

I won’t make the time to take photos for my website.

I won’t figure out how to find the money to hire a photographer.

I won’t figure out how to bridge the gap between my current annual sales and that $1 million mark.

I won’t get my team to do FB LIVES or I won’t hire someone just to do FB LIVES.

I don’t take the time to figure out Reels.

I won’t…. Fill in the blank.

Saying “I won’t” … doesn’t make you a bad person or mean that you’re lazy, it makes you honest.

Here’s why this is important…

Often when you use the word “Can’t” you start to behave like a victim and become powerless over your time, your energy, or your circumstances. You start to lose responsibility for your lives or start taking less responsibility because you’re placing blame … out there… not on you.

When you use the word “Won’t” you feel and behave more powerfully. You remember that you are in control of your time and resources. You’ll feel more energized alive and free because you’re taking full responsibility for the state of your life and your business.

You are 100% responsible for your life. Always and in ALL WAYS.

It’s not the economy, it’s not the J months, it’s not the President, it’s not your spouse, it’s not your age, or it’s not that you didn’t learn technology….

You are responsible for you.



To be clear… I’m not saying that you’re responsible for the actions of others or injustices that have happened to you. But you are responsible for how you respond to the actions of others and the circumstances. You’re responsible for what you choose to believe in… for example, do you believe that all months beginning with J are slow or do you believe that with additional marketing the month before, all months that begin with J are your biggest income months of the year?

Starting today – every time you start to say “I can’t…” stop and say “I won’t.” There will be some legitimate “I can’ts” but be brutally honest with yourself… and ask, “Is this truly an I can’t or is this really an I won’t?”



In addition, I’m leaving you with this mantra … “It is achievable.” Because everything truly is achievable. There are books and movies about the lives of people with seemingly insurmountable odds against them and yet instead of “I can’t” they figured out a way to make it happen.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess. It’s your biggest asset of all your assets. When you learn to control your own mind you are unstoppable.

I haven’t seen it yet but I’m told that Arnold Schwartzenager’s Netflix special is pretty amazing and that everything he has achieved in life came from him taking control of his mind and simply saying “I can achieve this.” “I can do this.”



In a super duper recap:

Those two, four-letter words that will slaughter your excuses are “Can’t” and “Won’t.”

Know that you are 100% responsible and in control of your life and your business always in all ways.

Every day recite the mantra “It is achievable.”

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