You may have heard of Google My Business which was discontinued in 2022 and replaced simply by Google Search & Maps. Google My Business was kind of like Google’s Social Media Platform. But Google Search & Maps is a stronger more powerful platform that is great for showing up more prevalently on Google Maps AND showing up in that wonderful organic FREE Search part of Google when people are looking for your business or products that you sell or for consignment or resale stores.  

Did you know that you can post your sales graphics, events graphics, LIVE Selling Show Schedules, Hiring Posts, Events posts, and just about anything else you want the public to know about… directly onto your Google Profile page.  

If your sales and events have a start and stop date you can schedule those out, which is really awesome. Set it and forget it.  



Posts to Google can be just text, as in verbiage only or they can be a graphic or a 30-second video or 75 MB. The 75 MB is important because you can do up to about a 2-minute video, compress it down to less than 75 MB, and then upload it successfully onto your Google Profile page. But if that’s all too confusing, stick with the 30 seconds or, find someone under the age of 15 who can probably compress your video while you’re making yourself a cup of coffee.


Pre-Schedule These Posts on Google Business Profile

    • Sales
    • Events
    • LIVE Shopping schedules
    • Holiday Hours
    • Offers
    • Double Rewards Points Days
    • Now Welcoming for Consignment or Now Buying (start & stop dates for consigning, now buying)
    • Gift Card Promotions

Anything with a start and stop date can be scheduled ahead of time.



Available CTA options on your Business Google Profile that coordinate with the Scheduled Posts: 

    • “Book”  
    • “Order Online”  
    • “Buy”  
    • “Learn More”  
    • “Sign Up, 
    • “Get Offer”  
    • “Call Now” 



Manually Post These (unable to schedule unless you create them into an Event): 

    • Collage graphic of New Arrivals 
    • A graphic containing unique or extraordinary pieces that you want to give extra publicity to.  
    • General promotion that you offer Gift Cards for sale  
    • NWT announcements  
    • Shop Resale Before Retail graphics  


Want to watch the summarized video version? Tap here.

For the full-length version, tap here. Note: Make sure to join the Consignment Marketing FB Group to access it!

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