People ask me all the time, “Why does the algorithm hate me?” I get it, you spent a lot of time developing your latest Reel and the algorithms seem to just pass it right by.

Sometimes we’re so focused on making money by selling our products that we forget the algorithm was made to give people the content that they want. It’s looking for a signal, it’s looking for a sign from people that they actually care about what you’re doing, it’s looking for engagement.

Do people want to take time from their busy day to stop scrolling and actually look at what you’ve done?

YOU think it’s fun and creative, but if no one is looking or commenting, on what you think is awesome content, others may not.



What are the algorithms looking for?


The algorithms are actually going out there and searching for moments of truth and passion that people put out that actually mean something that actually makes a difference. So to really work with the IG algorithm find a balance between what the gurus are teaching for maximum impact and what is the message inside you that you want to share. Then, when you’re sharing your message what are the trending background noises or what is the trending background music to support your message?

When it comes to YOUR message: What is that fire inside you that started this business in the first place? Tell the algorithm that you’re different, yes you sell kids’ clothes and luxury handbags and sofas, but find your truth, your passion, your fun, zany side, and tell the algorithm that you’re worth stopping for. Do you have an inspirational message? Do you have a comedic side to you?

Find your individuality and shout it out again and again, consistently. Your individuality and your passion is your greatest asset on Social Media. Go out there and you do you and you will reach the people you need to reach and they will engage with you.



IG Highlights are your Mini-website


Use IG to send traffic to your website. Your highlights are like a mini website at the top of your account. You want to ultimately be sending people to your actual website to buy from you so what you do is to design your Highlight Covers to make sure they go with your brand because that’s going to make them extra clickable.

Fill up your Highlights with Stories that are going to lead people on a fabulous journey about you and your business. So put yourself into their shoes. If I’m somebody buying from you what is it that I actually need to know before I actually make that decision to become a customer of yours?

Pretty much everything that you have on your website when you think of it leading to a sale, you want to get that information into your Highlights as well because that’s one less step you’re saving your customers and rather than having to go to the website to find out, they can find out on IG.

Ditto with your consignment information. Create a Consignment Highlight and stock it full of your consignment information and make sure that each saved highlight has a direct link to your website.

Do you have a How To Shop Consignment page on your website and then have it have a Highlight? To create this content take all of your Consignment information and flip it to shopping verbiage. For example, let your Shoppers know what months they can expect to find Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday clothing and decor in your store.

Teach your Customers to check your New Arrivals Category every day or multiple times per day because you have a photographer and an in-take team that is adding dozens of items to your website every day. Not adding items daily? Let them know how often you do add items. Teach them that all New Arrivals update based on when new items are added so they can shop categories or scroll through everything new.



Link Sticker


You want to add a LINK STICKER to all of your Highlights so when you make the Story you put the Link Sticker on and then when it’s in your Highlights it will be clickable and they will be able to go straight to the page that you want them to go to on your website. It might not just be your home page, you might want to send them to New Arrivals. You might have Highlights featuring Chanel or Baby Games or Sofas – you can link any of those direct categories to your Highlights. So you’re using IG as the top part of your Marketing Funnel now to get people to your website. The more traffic you get to your website the more sales you will make.



What are the different types of things people are looking for information-wise before they make that click to your website:


  • Do you have an About Me Highlight?



  • Testimonials are SO important they are silent salespeople.



  • If you sell Luxury Goods, having highlights about Authentication  


  • Spotlight how you Curate the best goods – take your Consignment How To’sand turn them into benefits of why Customers should shop with you.  


  • Highlight your Top-sold Brands and Categories you can search that out in your SEO or you can use a good SEM Search Engine Marketing software. We have a childrens clothing client who thought that highlighting a certain category was going to boost their SEO and when we researched it, it turned out that the brand had 0 searches in their market but another brand called Kate Quinn was the top searched childrens brand so we made a category for that in their website and then that would be a good IG Highlight to have.  



  • Behind the Scenes and Bloopers – these Highlights get people laughing and share your fun and funny side of business. 


  • You can add up to 100 photos or videos in each Highlight and there is no limit to how many Highlights you can have.


It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.  


Guys, if you want to build engagement on SM youve got to be engaging. You cant be a one-way street. Youve got to build community.  

In just 10-15 minutes per day…  


  • Go into Stories and be sociable. Go into your posts and make sure youve replied to every comment. 


  • Find a relevant # that might have people that you might have something in common with. You might find somebody in a hashtag that you really resonate with. Leave a reply to their comment. Make sure it’s genuine.  


  • Any Peloton riders in here?? Peloton does this really well, they have communities inside their Peloton community. Im part of Peloton Luxury which has over 25,000 members.  


  • It changes everything when you really really get that you have to be SOCIABLE on SOCIAL media.  

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